Reflective Statement

This was a really fun and interactive assignment. It builds onto the other trends of chroma-keying, VR, and AR filters that are easily accessed through smartphone apps like instagram. I wanted to design a tool for the COVID-19 quarantined teen who might be having many bad hairdays. This tool is so people can try iconic hairstyles from various decades of the past or maybe even new hairstyles yet to be executed. I was always curious to how different visual data is being tracked by webcam technologies and the Eyes actor in Isadora is one way to experiment with it.

I learned that sometimes it's silly ideas that are simple without too much sophistication that gives people a laugh in these trying times where we are attempting to have normalcy in living but new experiences of the web and internet technologies. In the future, with more time, I would develop buttons for the hairstyles in other decades outside of the 70's which is showcased here.


Supporting Research

This tool was inspired by the instagram filter apps that tackle beauty and are becoming evermore convincing.

I was inspired by a conversation with a friend about wanting to try new hairstyles once the quarantine slackens up and becomes less risky to get our hairs professionally cut.

As well, through fashion magazines and current trends, I can see iconic hairstyles of the 70's coming back like Goldie Hawn or Marsha in The Brady Bunch.



The right sketch is the proposed method in which the person who wants to try new hairstyles wears a rainbow haircap.

Colours of the cap will then be chroma-tracked to different hairstyles which the user can swap and view through the webcam.




The Original Goldilocks


The Beehive


The Prim and Proper



chroma tracking


Sketched Prototype #1 using Eyes actor in Isadora



Sketched Prototype #1 using Eyes actor in Isadora



Sketched Prototype #1 using Eyes actor in Isadora