Reflective Statement

We were challenged to think about a new scenario in which people could collaborate over the screen telepresently. We brainstormed various collaborative activities and we thought drawing but with a small catch will add a thrilling component of silliness and also a moment of reveal when everyone sees their silly drawings.

While we don't have all the technical parameters sorted out, we sketched and prototyped a rough patch in Isadora that uses Chroma Tracking and a Live draw feature.

Supporting Research

We brainstormed some collaborative activities that could take place telepresently. We thought about drawing, composing a song, or some form of charades.

In our research while drawing games have always existed online. There's not a widespread game in which you could link two screens to draw and collaborate together simultaneously. In the end we decided on a simple game which link to screens so that people could draw together and against each other in a game where they cannot use their hands but they are drawing with other body parts like an eye, a nose or their chin.



Specify the content of the drawing: select the content through the user interface.

Examples: rabbits, octopuses, boats, or flowers´╝îetc.

Specify a body part: select a body part through the user interface. For example elbows, mouth, ears or feet, etc.

Drawing Process: As the user draws, lines are left on the interface as the user's body moves along, forming what the user draws by controlling their body and tracking the pen tool to their tracked body part.